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Zone1 warmly welcomes re-sellers and ad agencies to hop on board with us. Share your ideas and work with us to build and deliver our unique and amazing B2B online e-Card platform to clients across the globe. Whether you are a consultant, developer, ad agency, or software re-seller, you can boost your profits by joining our re-seller program.

Zone1 Intellect Inc., the industry leader in online e-Card software, is proud to offer your business the opportunity to join our network. We are a well-established market leader in e-Card and tracking software. We provide premium products that will boost any re-seller’s product mix. We encourage and support distribution partnerships in a wide variety of market sectors and seek to add value by enhancing your offerings with our products.

Reasons you should become a Business Partner

  • It’s unique! Zone1 e-Card platform is the world’s most popular B2B online e-Card program.
  • It’s simple and serves a wide range of industries and businesses without limitations.
  • The platform can be white labeled for your contacts and clients to test drive.
  • Flexible modules and add-ons are available to fit your clients’ needs.
  • Practical delivery tool to grow businesses and allow them to communicate uniformly with their clients, partners, and customers.
  • Premium price points and high-quality products generate higher dollar margins.
  • Get support from us for closing those sales deals.
  • Get support in writing proposals and sales materials.
  • Provide your customers with a secure, scalable, and flexible solution.
  • Ever growing market with a huge customer demand.
  • Customized email blasts with your own branding to help you generate more leads.
  • In addition to reselling the product to your clients, you can also offer them training, research, and consulting services. You will gain 100% of all service revenue you provide to your clients!

As a business partner, you will be given the authorization to resell our e-Card products and mark them up to the price point of your choosing. The products you resell will feature Zone1’s cutting edge business content and technology for small, medium-sized, and large businesses.

Please complete the form below. Let us know who you are, provide us with the best way to contact you, and tell us a little about your business. You may also call us for more information at 1.888.886.0666. We are looking forward to doing business with you and exploring new ways to help your customers succeed.


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Zone1 respects your privacy. Your contact information including your personal information, email address, and phone number will never be used or shared by Zone1, or released to any of Zone1’s affiliates for any reason, unless by your request. Please check our Privacy Policy.

30% of our business revenue has been generated by our partners. Thank You!