Enhanced for both users and admin


  • Customized templates will match your corporate branding perfectly.
  • Security measures are implemented to limit platform access to associates of your organization.
  • An unlimited number of campaigns can be created with a personalized message for each. This includes an auto-populated signature.
  • An unlimited number of e-Cards for each campaign can be delivered.
  • Messages can be scheduled for delivery on a specific date.
  • All messages will appear to the recipients as having come from your personal mailbox.
  • An indication of whether or not a recipient has viewed the message is presented. This can be set up as an email notification if preferred.
  • Individuals outside of your organization can not access your portal for transmitting spam or illegal messages (Closed –Exclusive use platform).
  • Each new module adds new benefits to your basket. This saves you thousands of dollars on printing holiday greetings, event invitations, and other cards.
  • Use your platform to send everyday greetings, newsletters, invitations, announcements, webinars, and so much more.

System Features

The platform serves a number of purposes. The features currently available for the platform are listed below.
Further customized features and modules may be developed based on your requirements. Please Contact Us for our rate card and a full list of standard and optional features.


The platform will run on your own branded corporate URL! Upon providing us with the desired URL (example; yourcompanyecards.com), team Zone1 will register the domain name on your behalf. If you prefer, you may register your own. Simply point to our DNS, and let us do the rest! If you want your e-Card platform to show up under your existing company URL (example; ecards.yourcompany.com), we will work closely with your IT department to make a simple host entry at your server. Once this has been done, team Zone1 will set up your branded platform, upload your customized templates, test your system, and you are ready to go!

Prompt Delivery

The delivery application is set-up to send your messages in only the quickest and easiest ways possible. Here’s how it works:

  • Choose your desired corporately customized e-Card template.
  • Select the recipient(s) who you want to receive your e-Card.
  • Give your e-Card a catchy subject.
  • Type a brief message that will appear within the e-Card.
  • Your name will automatically appear at the bottom (if desired).
  • Your recipients receive their e-cards in their inboxes right away.
  • The message is delivered to the recipient(s) as if it were coming from your mailbox.

Mobile Social

In this day of advancing technology, it’s a fact that most people use their phones for everything; from email to Facebook. Out platform allows you to deliver a rich and engaging brand experience to any mobile device! In addition to this, your users will be able to work on their own mobile devices and operating systems to customize and send their e-Cards on the go! The specially designed mobile app will redirect your platform domain users to their secure accounts with ease! Via e-Card provides mobile access to the branded e-Cards via the responsive site and/or via the downloadable app.

Data Protection

The client is the sole and exclusive owner of the client’s trademarks, logos, and all other identification used in connection with the client including client authorized users. The uploaded data to the platform by the client and the authorized users such as customized messages, email addresses, personal information, and recipients’ information are properties of the client and protected from distribution, release, or any other use under the Zone1 Intellect Privacy Policy.

Network Restrictions

For the companies that want to take advantage of our platform for employee recognition, we have included a network restriction that could be implemented to close the network. This will restrict the ability of receiving and sending e-Cards or general messages to the associates of your organization. The managers and employees communicate within the network and will not be able to deliver the messages to external e-mail addresses. The messages will stay within the provided email domain(s) network.

API/AD Integration

Our platforms have the ability to connect your software applications such as your intranet, internal programs, and most popular apps, to the e-Card platform. Making these conections this will allow the transfer of certain information, as directed by the client, through the API (application program interface). The API is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building and connecting software applications. Integration with AD (Active Directory) is a great opportunity to transfer user’s information to the platform system. Zone1 will work closely with your IT team to specify the type of the API or the AD requirements, and set the rules to make the connection happen!

Multiple Languages

Global organizations now have the opportunity to provide their users with a platform covering multiple languages! You can create the full site in multiple languages including all of the site-pages, functionality, buttons, and processes giving the user the option to switch between the available languages. Engage your global community users to share and communicate from one place without the need to create multiple systems with different languages. This will reduce costs, connect your users, and make your brand and designs consistent. The project manager will choose the desired language(s), and work closely with team Zone1 to apply all of the elements in the chosen languages.

Automated Updates

New updates are downloaded and installed as they come available, keeping your platform up-to-date. The update patches are performed to address security vulnerabilities in existing platforms, contain bug fixes, new styles, and navigation systems to assist in improving the user’s experience.

User Features

Via e-Card is built like no other greeting platform. Every feature choice has a philosophical reason to support it. Your user community will find all of the standard tools to create their secure accounts and send greetings to their clients and colleagues with ease.

Secure Login

The e-Cards platform provides your employees with a branded and secure way of promoting their corporate identity both internally and globally. The Closed platform version offers maximum security to its users. It features secure login upon email address verification and allows privacy and content protection.

History and Actions

The History and Actions module allows the user to:

  • View a historical listing of every e-Card delivered.
  • Monitor the recipients who have or haven’t opened your e-Cards. You can also receive an email notification informing you of when a message is read.
  • Keep track of the recipients who received a campaign to ensure the same message is not sent to them more than once.
  • View the messages that were undeliverable and the reasons why.
  • Manage the messages in the history record.
  • Sort sent messages by dates and control the display number.

Address Book

Creating an address book will allow you to easily generate an e-Card mailing list. The address book is completely managed by the individual user. The user will have the ability to sort, update, add, or delete any contacts. The list of the contacts is equipped with standard fields to accommodate the imported contact such as e-mail address, name, phone number, and company name. Contacts can be entered manually or imported with Advanced Upload Component (AUC) via a CSV file.

Sync Contacts

Syncing contacts is an optional feature that allows the user to transfer contacts from their email client (Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, etc) to the address book within the platform. This feature ensures the contacts saved in the address book are up-to-date. The project manager will have the opportunity to choose the way the syncing process works. Syncing can be done automatically by dates based on selected periods or by giving the users the option to Click to Sync.

Import Contacts

The Advanced Upload Component (AUC) will automatically format your CSV file for proper listing. Upon notifying the user and receiving action permission, the Advanced Upload Component (AUC) will organize your contacts and remove the duplicated entries. This happens during the upload procedure, if you are not familiar with creating a CSV file, that’s okay! Easy to follow instructions will be provided.

Distribution Lists

User-Managed Distribution Lists (add-on to the Address Book) allow users to create unlimited separate contact groups in order to channel specialized messages to each group. The Global Distribution List module will allow the administrator to upload and manage corporate contacts for all registered users to see. Through this Master Distribution List, contacts can easily be added, modified, or deleted by the administrator, saving a vast amount of time and energy for the entire corporation.

Mail Merge

Mail merge is the automatic addition of contacts saved in your address book to the message you send. You can add multiple recipients at once in order to facilitate sending your e-Card. With mail merge, each message is a separate mailing. This means that each recipient will believe they are the sole recipient of each message. You can use mail merge to send the personalized e-Cards by name to recipients in your address book or in a distribution list.

Account Settings

From the account setting area, each user will have the ability to:

  • Modify their personal information.
  • Change their password.
  • Manage reminders notifications.
  • Turn the Auto Signature On and Off.

Sort Options

Sorting is a simple and very useful command which will rearrange the lines of the saved information. This allows for easier viewer experience and faster data search. The sort option is available in the history section to assist with sorting messages and in the address book for quick contact access. Sorting data can be performed in alphabetical order or from highest to lowest values (or vice versa). This is helpful when you have large amounts of data.


Sorting is a simple and very useful command which will rearrange the lines of the saved information. This allows for easier viewer experience and faster data search. The sort option is available in the history section to assist with sorting messages and in the address book for quick contact access. Sorting data can be performed in alphabetical order or from highest to lowest values (or vice versa). This is helpful when you have large amounts of data.

Scheduled Messages

You have the option to select a future date to deliver your messages. If a future date is selected, you will always have the option available to delay this date even further or stop deliver all together, if necessary. The scheduled messages will be saved under the Scheduled Messages tab for easy overview and access. Once sent on the selected dates, the message will be transferred from the scheduled messages section to the history section. Schedule your Christmas or birthday e-Cards months in advance and never worry about them again.

Social Media

Social Network Sharing Option – This option works closely with you to enable sharing your platform, and/ or your e-card links on social networks. This option is great for open platforms (Public use platform) to enable your e-Cards to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and more. E-Card recipients can share links to their e-Cards with the click of a button. Meta descriptions will be provided to you, as well, to indicate the message that will appear on the listing.

Digital Signatures

These signatures will allow your organization associates to upload and manage their own digital signatures, as well as decide if they want to display the signature on their customized e-Card. A digital signature adds value and personality to the e-Card. This type of personalization sends your specific message in a consistent and well-crafted way. Personalized e-Cards with digital signatures will mean a lot to your contacts and remind them of your commitment to them.

PDF-Print Conversion

We love this feature. In fact, giving the recipient the option to print their newly received e-Card in high-quality is a pleasure to us! Zone1 will create PDF templates that allow the recipient to merge the delivered version of their e-Card with the user’s included message. This template will provide an option to print, and it allows removing the information on the default page. The recipient will be able to print from Microsoft Outlook or any other email client. The print can be on a hard copy such as the To, From, and Subject fields.

Admin Features

The administration area is crafted uniquely for the use of the project manager. As a project manager, you will have all of our tools, to include the Activity/Tracking reports which assists with monitoring the cards being delivered by your team, as well as the success of each campaign. Customized reports can be developed based on your requirements.

Multi-Level login

The Multi-Level login grants access to the admin site with different levels of users for desired access areas. As a project manager, you may want to assign your assistants to different tasks such as helping with information retrieval, creating reports, and providing support to the users without granting them access to the full list of features. This is especially true with most of our clients with the Red Zone function. It allows you to control what you want to do and who should do it!

Dated Reports

With the Dated Reports, option, you will easily be able to specify certain dates/periods to generate the reports you desire. Dated Reports proves to be a very useful tool to retrieve information quickly and efficiency. You will have the chance to view a historical listing of all e-Cards delivered by all users, as well as the ability to view the amount of e-Cards sent out by each associate.

Conversion Rates

The ability to evaluate the conversion rate for each campaign is included in each standard report. This will give you a clear view on how your campaigns perform through their cycle and how well the platform performs overall. These conversion rates will help you plan for your next campaign. You will also find a more improved user experience through notification and posting special notes specific to each campaign.

Filing Actions

The Filing Actions feature allows you to save your created reports for tracking purposes. They will be available for future use. When you file your reports, your data files become handy, and all reports can be exported to Excel, printed, or emailed as an attachment. Customized Filing Actions modules can be developed and delivered if needed.

Red Zone

Suspicious activities could harm your corporate image, and unfortunately, if you’re online, you are susceptible to them! At Zone1, we strive to provide maximum levels of security to protect our software performance, keeping our client’s best interests in mind. If a person managed to hack our system (which is very unusual) to send spam messages or distribute illegal information by using your branded e-Cards, you will be able to take immediate action. As an admin you will be able to search and block any user from getting onto the platform by moving them to the Red Zone until investigation/clarification takes place. Also, this feature can be used by your Human Resources department to prevent employees who are no longer working for the company from accessing their accounts.

Messages View

This optional report and feature gives you the ability to view a copy of any sent e-Cards including the personalized message that was generated by your user. This will help allow you to see how your sent messages look and if they were sent with your company’s personal standards. Based on viewing the sent messages, the project manager will be able to perform a training session, determine if any changes should be made, and more. The project manager can also send a generic message to their users. Such messages may include, but not be limited to with instructions on what they should consider when personalizing their e-Cards.

Bounce back Control

Our 505/ Bounce back report generator will create a list of the returned and failed messages. The report details will specify the reasons for the delivery failure, type of bounce (soft or hard), failure code, and a list of failure codes clarification for your understanding of each. This will assist you in many things to include, but not be limited to, advising your users to update their contact lists to perform in an up-to-date manner.


You will be able to view a list of every associate within your organization that has registered on your platform. This list will include any related information to the user. Thus, it is a great way to communicate with your registered users, and you will be able to send them messages directly from your admin area. These messages may contain instructions, announcements, provide assistance, and more. You may also want to notify them about any upcoming campaigns along with the launch dates. Communication messages are completely managed by you. They can be sent by email, launched upon user login, or both.

Send on behalf

If you would like to send e-Cards on behalf of your company to clients and vendors, Zone1 will set your account as a Super User. When you customize your chosen e-Card, a list of all of your users will be given. You will be able to simply select the names from the list to include on your message. This works very well with the Digital Signatures feature to include and manage the signatures in a professional way.

Automated Cheers

We want you to take full advantage of your platform and send e-Cards to more than just your clients! Say Happy Birthday to your employees by using the Automated Cheers feature. Just add an admin birthday e-Card, upload a simple data file with the birthdates, and let the system do the work for you. The system will automatically send the birthday e-Card to your employees on their birthdays. It’s that simple. You can also add more than one birthday e-Card. The system will pick a design randomly and send it on your behalf! The uploaded data is managed and easily updated by you.

Templates Record

All of the created e-Card templates are saved in the database, even after the campaign is over and the new campaign templates are up. If at any time you decide you want to look at some of those expired templates, you can definitely do so. They will be mixed in with your newest templates. This can be done by re-activating the desired templates and adding some modifications for re-use. You will never lose a design, and you can always refer back to the older templates to review what was done for each campaign. The record will also categorize your templates based on the event and store them under your selected categories.