By: CAROLINE KENDEY | Via e-Card Novelists

An E-card is same as a place card or greeting card, but the deviation is that E-card is created on digital media and there is no need of paper or other traditional paper. E-cards are embraced as an environmentally friendly approach. These E-cards are available easily on various internet sites, from where they can be transported to recipients by using E-mail. E-card business is environmentally friendly because as compared to paper card its carbon footprint is generally much lower and paper isn’t used in the product.

E-cards are more multipurpose than traditional greeting cards this is wholly because of their digital capacity. E-cards can be sent easily to many masses and can be saved to any data processor or electronic device. They can be seen on a TV set, digital video E-cards have begun issuing.

To send an E-card all that’s needed is to choose an E – card from on-line publisher’s website. After choosing a card, the sender can design it according to his requirements, add a message, photo or video. At the end provide the recipients E-mail address and the website delivers the E-mail message on the behalf of the sender.

Instead of sending via E-mail some E-cards are intended to be printed out, nevertheless, these aren’t E-cards but these are home-made greeting cards. The advantage of the E – card over traditional circuit board is sometime can be cost saving or to “create” something for the receivers rather than selecting a full paper card.

In E-cards, there is a blank space for static or animated pictures or video. E-cards are also available on mobile and can be sent via MMS.

There are many benefits of using E-cards:


When it’s special to ensure the node that this message is just for them and no one else. Clients feel loved and remembered by personalization and it’s easy in E-cards.

Custom greetings, B2B E-cards have this personalized touch. Here preferences and targeting comes into play. Database make sure the previous records to see the client and ascertain the relevancy to their preference.

Cost Effective:

In traditional print cards, they consume much time and money and no one desires it to consume days of envelope folding and binding. E-cards are faster and cost efficient. A short online process that takes not much time and your greetings are ready. E-cards provide a very rich experience and assures that client is keeping up with the modern medium of communication.


Those who are time deprived, E-card is the best thing for them. The electronic media help’s the clients in getting their E-cards out whether they made a span of months or a panicked two day’s time. Select an image, personalize your message and with just one click of a button a heartwarming E-card has been charged.


These are the E-cards with whom customers can keep track of their clients, who came home to run the E-card, which client interacted. Whereas, in traditional print cards when one doesn’t recognize if the post man lost it or if any dog ate it.

Socially Responsible: 

Everyone knows, save the trees! To make holiday cards every year “10,000” trees are cut down in China. Then changing to E-cards shows the expert growth and also is environment responsibly.