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Zone1 is a Canadian corporation focusing primarily on enterprise web applications and back-end and front-end online platforms. We provide complete web solutions that solve the needs and wants of businesses today who are looking for a strong online presence. Every aspect of our business philosophy is focused toward complete customer satisfaction. We will guide your online business from the initial concept and development stage down to all of the stages of your organization’s implementation.

We provide powerful services in the area of new media and technology. We focus our expertise on giving our customers targeted media with measurable results. We will continue to provide our customers with the finest designs, the most powerful technologies, and the latest services. We are determined to set our clients on a solid foundation and build upon it to help them succeed. Our success is defined by our clients’ success.



“For its lifetime Zone1 has delivered a number of cost effective and high-quality platform solutions for a wide range of businesses world-wide. Zone1 growing team, passionate and highly-skilled professionals enjoys working with cutting-edge technologies combining online knowledge with special coding technique to achieve our clients’ goals. At Zone1, we understand the importance of listening to our clients. Our first step is always to make sure we fully understand your needs and your project’s requirements, as we strive to make our platforms add value to your business and drive your ongoing success.”

Jacob Sharr
Director, Client Relations

“Our owned equipment and software are monitored and updated by in-site expert team with maximum security layers. This has been achieved through our Information Technology planning to reduce risk and improve operational quality, as well as through our business model which focuses on the security levels, servers update, back-ups, deployment and operations based on years of experience in real-world migrations and implementations. We maintain the highest levels of service in the industry to keep our servers running smoothly and efficiently, providing our clients with trusted and predictable environment.”

Hassan Kurabi
Director, Information Technology

“With over 4,000 employees, sending e-cards on behalf of everyone’s’ business contacts seemed daunting. Zone1’s e-card web application made the process easy, efficient and affordable. The Zone1 team was easy to work with and flexible to our needs. The set up process ran smoothly and timely. Upon rolling out our new e-card site, we received wonderful feedback from the user community. Users found the system simple to use and intuitive to navigate. I would not hesitate to call on Zone1 again in the future.”

– Scoti Ann Nadig, Graphic Services Manager, Communications Group, Forest City.


One may think that the usage of e-cards is not currently in use owing to this era of social media and other forms of instant messaging. However, numerous businesses still rely on e-cards for a fundamental purpose of promotion, building relationships as well as in the marketing campaigns. The usage of the cards has indeed been on the rise, with statistics indicating that unique visitors to online e-card sites rose from 10,264,000 in October 2013 to 16,921,000 in November 2013, a rise of 65%. The usage in December the same year was 19,881,000 a rise of 17%. Such increases may be owed to the fact that digital printed cards are uncomplicated and preferred by many online shoppers for their simplicity and convenience.

By: JENNIFER WILLIAMS| Via e-Card Novelists

Usage of e-cards (2013 High-Season)


October 2013


November 2013


December 2013