E-Cards are great alternatives to those old-fashioned paper cards, as they allow companies to reduce the consumption of paper and adopt an environmental friendly approach. Because of the increasing age of technology and the wants of communities to save precious resources, many businesses rely heavily on e-Cards as part of their promotional, relationship-building, and marketing campaigns. We work with you to build stunning templates which compliment both your corporate branding and organizational needs perfectly. In addition to this, you can manage your e-Cards through your own exclusive online platform. This allows an unlimited number of messages to be delivered – the possibilities are endless. All of the associates in your organization will have access to this online platform and will be able to easily send customized e-Cards to customers, partners, vendors, employees, and more. Enhanced reporting tools show details about the e-Cards each associate delivers along with the success of each e-Card campaign.



Our e-Cards platform has been constructed to run on your own branded corporate URL. Zone1 shapes the platform based on your organization’s unique needs, and install it under your present domain name, sub-domain, or register a new domain of your choice. A variety of standard commanding tools and enhanced features for both users and admin(s) are planned and built-in.


You will receive a package that is tailored to meet the needs of your business, no matter the size and type. You will be given an unlimited number of e-Cards that can be delivered through personalized messages! The platform is customized and branded to match each client’s identity. You will also receive fully customized and branded templates with the option to provide your own creative artwork!


All uploaded data, contacts, images, and messages are secured by Zone1 and protected through its privacy policy. Our privately owned equipment and software are carefully monitored and updated by our on-site expert team with maximum security layers. Our business model focuses on the security levels, servers update, back-ups, deployment, and operations in a way that guarantees maximum protection for your business.


We only use the most current Internet writing standards to ensure the content is structured for maximum web readability. We will perform a pre-production scope analysis that will define short and long-term goals, user navigation, marketing and public relation messages, timelines and budgets. Once this is done, we will then apply the standard rules for maximum performance.


Through secure logins, real-time reports, and expert analytics, will allow the project manager to monitor the e-Cards delivered by the team or any user of your platform. The project manager will also be able to analyze any activities, conversion rates, user blockage ability, content sent in each message, and more. What does this mean? You will be able to maintain and improve the user’s experience as well as the success of each campaign!


Zone1 has delivered a number of cost-effective and high-quality platform solutions for a wide range of businesses worldwide. Zone1’s rapidly growing expert team consists of passionate and highly-skilled professionals who enjoy working with cutting-edge technologies. Each team member is expected to combine online knowledge with special coding techniques to achieve our clients’ goals.

key features

Prompt Delivery

Instantly send your e-cards with ease

The delivery application is set-up to send your messages in only the quickest and easiest ways possible. Here’s how it works:

  • Choose your desired corporately customized e-Card template.
  • Select the recipient(s) who you want to receive your e-Card.
  • Give your e-Card a catchy subject.
  • Type a brief message that will appear within the e-Card.
  • Your name will automatically appear at the bottom (if desired).
  • Your recipients receive their e-cards in their inboxes right away.
  • The message is delivered to the recipient(s) as if it were coming from your mailbox.

Mobile Social

Works with any mobile device

In this day of advancing technology, it’s a fact that most people use their phones for everything; from email to Facebook. Our platform allows you to deliver a rich and engaging brand experience to any mobile device! In addition to this, your users will be able to work on their own mobile devices and operating systems to customize and send their e-Cards on the go! The specially designed mobile app will redirect your platform domain users to their secure accounts with ease! Via e-Card provides mobile access to the branded e-Cards via the responsive site and/or via the downloadable app.


Displayed with the highlighted events so you don’t miss a thing

Users will have the ability to create an unlimited amount of reminders by any category of their choosing. These are completely managed and can be sent by email, if desired. Accessing reminders is as easy as a simple login. The calendar of reminders is easy-to-use and displayed with the highlighted events. This calendar equips the user with the ability to pause, edit, or delete entries. It’s a great way to provide your user(s) with awareness of special upcoming events!

Social Media

Share links to the e-Cards option on every social media platform

The Social Network Sharing Option works closely with you to enable sharing your platform, and/ or your e-card links on all social networks. This option is great for the open platform (public use platform) to enable your e-Cards to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and more. E-Card recipients can also share links to their e-Cards with the click of a button. Meta descriptions will be provided by you, as well, to indicate the message that will appear on the listing.


Your own personal URL runs on your corporate domain

The platform will run on your own branded corporate URL! Upon providing us with the desired URL (example;, team Zone1 will register the domain name on your behalf. If you prefer, you may register your own. Simply point to our DNS, and let us do the rest! If you want your e-Card platform to show up under your existing company URL (example;, we will work closely with your IT department to make a simple host entry at your server. Once this has been done, team Zone1 will setup your branded platform, upload your customized templates, test your system, and then you are ready to go!

Address Book

Your contacts are easily imported and managed

Creating an address book will allow you to easily generate an e-Card mailing list. The address book is completely managed by the individual user. Contacts can be entered manually or imported with Advanced Upload Component (AUC) via a CSV file. The Advanced Upload Component (AUC) will automatically format your CSV file for proper listing. If you are not familiar with creating a CSV file, don’t worry. We will provide you with simple instructions to get you going in no time.


Monitor and analyze the e-Cards sent by your users

As a project manager, you will have all of the necessary tools available to help you monitor the cards that your team is sending out. The Activity/Tracking reports allow you to review the e-Cards delivered as well as the success of each campaign. All reports can be exported to Excel, printed, or emailed as an attachment. Customized reports can be developed if required.

  • View the historical listing of all e-Cards delivered by every user.
  • Evaluate the conversion rate for each campaign to assist with your organizational needs.
  • View a listing of each associate that registered on the platform to assist in delivering messages with all related information.
  • View the amount of e-Cards sent out by each associate.
  • View the recipient’s information and the status of each message.
  • Review the actual version of every e-Card sent including, but not limited to, the personalized message.

History and Actions

Save all of your activities and sort them for ease of use

The History and Actions module allows the user to:

  • View a historical listing of every e-Card delivered.
  • Monitor the recipients who have or haven’t opened your e-Cards. You can also receive an email notification informing you of when a message is read.
  • Keep track of the recipients who received a campaign to ensure the same message is not sent to them more than once.
  • View the messages that were undeliverable and the reasons why.
  • Manage the messages in the history record.
  • Sort sent messages by dates and control the display number.


Your Own Designs embedding

Our expert designers will be more than happy to provide ideas, create mock-up designs, and customize your e-Cards with your branding. However, if you would prefer to use your own designs, there are many ways to incorporate your own e-Card template artwork into Via e-Card delivery platform. In each of these cases, Zone1 will work closely with your creative team for guidelines and specifications to ensure proper layout and template format.


Send us your artwork in an image format. Zone1 will transform this artwork into HTML, apply the necessary coding, and then upload the final templates to the system.


Send us your artwork in a basic HTML format. Zone1 will check the compatibility of the supplied codes, apply the final platform coding, and upload the template to the system.


Send us your artwork in an animated format (with or without the wrapping layout). Zone1 will create the HTML, apply the final coding, and upload the final template to the system.


The Templates

We will need your customized templates once your delivery platform is set up, if you want to provide your own artwork, please do so, and team Zone1 will do the rest! If you want Zone1 to create your customized e-Cards, then great! We have created some options for you to choose and test to decide which one fits your requirements better.

Simple and clean

The standard HTML template provides you with a simple, clean, and email-friendly e-Cards. All HTML standards are implemented to ensure proper delivery.

HTML Themed
A mouse click switch

This HTML allows you to put three or more optional themes into one HTML template. You can change the theme of your e-Card with one simple mouse click.

Animated Video
Rich and interactive

Animated objects, videos, illustrations, and your favorite music can be delivered to your recipients to guarantee an unforgettable user experience.

Photo Upload
Strongly identify your brand

Allow your community users to upload photos and create their own e-Cards with personalized messages. Users will be able to mange their own photos.



“Being in 52 countries worldwide, your service allowed us to uniformly communicate to our partners. The site was easy for users and everyone at Zone1 was quick to assist. Thanks for making us look so good!”

– Keely Wade, Marketing Manager, Hard Rock International.

“Zone 1’s technology and service has enabled ACCO Brands to launch our global recognition program (ACCOlades) throughout our global footprint. It has been a great success and would not have been possible without the teamwork of our partners at Zone1, thanks.”

– Sean A. Nelson, SPHR, GPHR, VP, Global Talent Management & Organization Effectiveness, ACCO Brands.